Our mission is to automate your client's lead nurture process, and provide consistent and predictable results with the highest possible profit margin.

Without a doubt, 2020 brought change. It also brought innovation. Advances in deep learning and natural language software have allowed repetitive conversations to be automated with Ai.

Capri provides the "brain" of your very own appointment setter. You can train it just like you would a normal human, and script out conversations that lead to more booked appointments.

Our developers specialize in creating natural conversation flow between the "agent" and the engaged lead, and are dedicated to customizing and perfecting each agent for its intended use case. This tool can be used across almost any vertical, and just requires a simple scripted process to get the learning started.

From there, Capri will learn through live interactions with customers to adapt to common messages and questions, providing an ever-improving conversational experience

Expand Your Bandwidth

There's a simple problem that exists with virtually every business:

There's plenty of opportunity for new customers, but we can only respond to so many people at once

Whether by time or by lack of effort, we have an inherent limit to the number of people we can hold a conversation with a once

Luckily, Ai offers a solution to provide exactly the opposite. Given a specified conversation scope (like FAQ's, business information, and appointment scheduling), we can use Ai to supplement our limited bandwidth.

In other words, Ai can have multiple conversations at once, with an infinite number of users, to handle the fundamental actions needed to help a business succeed - answering questions, scheduling appointments, and confirming appointment times

Plus, with the scope of common RESTful API services like Google's DialogFlow CX, we can expand the capabilities even further by referencing live databases and returning real-time data to the end-user (like inventories, availability for events, etc.)!

Natural Language technology is providing the one thing every business strives for - an efficient and predictable way to generate and convert new business opportunities to paying customers that actually show up

The Never-Ending Problem

You Can't Get Leads To Schedule

You're generating leads for pennies on the dollar, getting one name, email and phone number after another. But...your clients still aren't seeing more shown appointments?

Your Client Won't Make The Calls

HUGE lists of quality leads just FLUSHED down the toilet, all because Karen didn't get a Christmas bonus last year...

Somehow it's


Even after the hundreds of hours spent on ads manager, recording training videos, q&a calls, training front desk staff...and at the end of it all, they blame YOU for not having good results...

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So here is what CAPRI AI can do for your agency:

Whether you're providing a Perforamance-Based Model or a regular retainer, or even profit-sharing model, efficiently booking appointments must be a top priority in your value-stack. Using Capri as a solution is the most seamless way to automate the most important part of the sales cycle


"Incredible, consistent results, every week"

Justin, Legacy Marketing

"It sounds like a real human is having a conversation with the leads"

-Terrence, EstateNurture

"Their customer service is just absolutely great"

-Marcos, Atlas Digital

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